Metal Expansion Joints

Metal Expansion Joints (Metal Bellows / Metal Compensators) handle movements in pipe systems as a result of, for example, thermal expansion, vibration or pressure shocks. Metal Expansion Joints exists in many different designs depending on its function, but at its core it always consists of a parallel-folded, stainless steel bellows body, which, through its construction, can move axially, laterally and/or angularly. In many cases it is desired to limit movements, for example, to only one direction. However, steel compensators should never be subjected to torsion (torsional stresses).

Teddington has more than 50 years of technical experience in helping clients with knowhow around Metal Expansion Joints. Applications are found in all types of fluid systems; from district heating to the process industry, to exhaust gas systems.

For better overiew we have arranged the different types into the following subgroups:

-Axial Compensators: Handles axial movements and should operate only in the longitudinal axis.

-Link Compensators: Handles lateral and / or angular movements.

-Pressure-balanced compensators: Handles axial and / or lateral movements and absorbs reaction forces from internal pressure.


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