Rubber Expansion Joints

Rubber Expansion Joints (Rubber Bellows / Rubber Compensators) are commonly found in transitions between pumps, valves and peripherals in piping systems where it is desired to counteract pressure thrusts, vibration (vibration), noise (frame noise), angular deviations and/or axial- or lateral movements due to thermal expansion.

A Rubber Expansion Joint normally consists of a rubber bellow as a flexible element and end connections for mounting in the pipe system. Our type TED-FLEX TEF / TNF consists of a rubber bellow with rotatable galvanized flanges. The compensator is available in dimensions from DN32 to DN600 and can be adapted for a variety of applications. Our standard grades are EPDM- (Red, suitable for among other things, water, alcohols, weaker acids, refrigerants) and Nitrile rubber (Yellow, suitable for among other things, petrochemical products, gasoline, mineral oils). We can also offer other rubber qualities (for chemistry, drinking water and other liquids and gases), specially adapted rubber compensators for high temperatures, high pressures and low pressure applications in eg air ducts, flue gas pipes, etc.

For our range of Rubber Expansion Joints with rotatable flanges we can also offer a large number of options. For example, TED-FLEX TEF / TNF is available with hot-dip galvanized or stainless steel flanges. We also offer so-called oval flanges with built-in movement limiters that protect the rubber body from working outside its permitted range. We also have external movement limiters (Type TED-FLEX TFLBG) which can be retrofitted, in stock for fast delivery. Our movement limiters are also equipped with rubber bushings that prevents galvanic currents. TED-FLEX TEF / TNF can be supplemented with support rings for vacuum applications.

TED-FLEX is also available in a version with SAE flanges (model TNS).

Another commonly used Rubber Expansion Joint is our TED-FLEX TEG, with double bellows made of EPDM rubber and galvanized union connections at both ends. This model is available with connections from DN20 to DN80.

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