Welding Equipment

Teddington offers a wide range of Welding Tools that support advanced welding procedures, with a focus on Purge Gas Welding of Stainless Steel, Titanuim and other Special Alloy Steels.

Our range of products:

-Tools for Internal Distribution of Purge Gas in Pipes: SC Profi, WS Plus, WS Plasma, iPurge, etc.
-Tools for External Distribution of Purge Gas.
-Customized Tools for Purge Gas: Water Soluble Paper, Purge Gas Umbrellas, Purge Gas Dams, etc.
-Oxygene Analyzers: Oxy-1, Oxy-Pro, Oxy-Smart, etc.
-Purge Gas Chambers
-Pipe Supports and Pipe Clamps: TackClamp, UltraClamp, RSV-TED

If you have a need for Customized Solutions we are happy to help you with our extensive experience of Purge Gas Welding. In order to provide local and quick support we work through a network of resellers in Sweden.