News | 16 januari 2020

Schwarzer Precision miniature pumps: New models SP-200 and new data sheets

Small, precise, powerful – for many years, the miniature diaphragm pumps of the EC Series 200 have proven themselves as extremely reliable components in the most diverse fields of application. Now the next stage of development follows: with the relaunch of the EC Series 200 we are taking this success story to a new level.

In many areas of medical, laboratory and environmental technology, our eccentric diaphragm pumps of the 200 series have been in service for a number of years. With very compact dimensions and low power consumption they are predestined for mobile applications such as gas detectors, gas analysis, pipetting, fuel cells, etc. In addition to the high construction quality of these pumps, our customers particularly appreciate the large control range and high operational reliability.

But we are not resting on our laurels: with the concentrated know-how of 50 years of design experience, we have developed the EC Series 200 from scratch. The result is impressive: with even more compact dimensions, the performance of the miniature pumps has been raised to a new level.

Our new FCV technology (”fast closing valves”) with fixed valves makes this performance increase possible. Valve flutter is also eliminated. Furthermore, our FCV technology reliably prevents the tiny valves from ”sticking”. This makes the pump insensitive to high humidity and condensate. Furthermore, the FCV technology makes the pump completely independent of specific positions.

For tubeless mounting, we offer a standardized manifold solution as well as a wide range of customizing options. This fast and safe installation method simplifies the integration of the pump into the overall system and prevents leakages.

Thus our EC Series 200 is well prepared for the new decade!

SP_PUMPS_DataSheet_ClassEC_Series200_Type200-250EC SP_PUMPS_DataSheet_ClassEC_Series200_Type270EC


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